Denver’s Westwood Neighborhood

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May 20, 2015
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June 5, 2015

Denver’s Westwood Neighborhood

ECM is proudly serving Denver’s Westwood neighborhood. 

Westwood is a dense, predominately single family residential, neighborhood in southwest Denver. The population is 15,486 and 81% percent of residents are Latino, 11% are white, 4.3% are Asian/Pacific Islander, 1% is Native American, and 2% is African American. Mexican immigrants are a large proportion of the population. More than 25% of residents do not speak English, and over 60% of births are to foreign mothers. In 2000, 24% of residents had not lived at their address the previous year.

The average annual wage in Westwood in 2000 is less than 1/3 of Denver’s average, at $11,336, as compared to Denver’s average annual wage of $37,406. Over 87% of children attending Westwood public schools qualified for free and reduced lunch in 2007. The neighborhood has many assets, including rich and unique cultural diversity. Nearly one-third (32.9%) of Westwood’s population is under age 18.

A committed team of diverse residents and organizations are working tirelessly to promote healthy eating and active living and economic opportunity in Westwood. The coalition has diverse participants from multiple sectors, strong resident participation, and a resident vision for a walkable, bikeable, active community.


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