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April 18, 2018
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Let’s Welcome In Our New Hires!

It’s an exciting time for Extreme Community Makeover. We just celebrated our ten year anniversary, this past March, at Converge Denver. We are kicking off the second year of our social enterprise business, Extreme Yard Care. And, this year, we have plenty of Work Days scheduled for our Denver volunteers. Extreme Community Makeover is growing and we are fortunate to welcome two new people to our team.

Program Coordinator

Extreme Community Makeover

Kalie Freed

Let’s welcome Kalie Freed as Extreme Community Makeover’s new Program Coordinator! ECM aligns perfectly with what Kalie hopes to accomplish in her career and for herself. She was interested in the position because she would be given the opportunity to learn and assist with all the operations, which enables ECM to accomplish its mission. She strongly believes in what ECM does for  Denver communities, and Kalie wanted to become a part of making this mission happen.

“My professional background is predominantly in hospitality management and event coordination. I am currently finishing my education in Geography and English,” states Kalie. “I am very excited to connect with and serve the residents of the communities we will be working in, as well as get to know the members of the Extreme Teams. I also look forward to spending time working alongside the various volunteer groups on the Work Days. There are so many opportunities to connect and to collaborate,” mentions Kalie.

Kalie is uniquely qualified for this position because of her life experience traveling to other countries and visiting different cultures, and she is a go-getter with high-energy and a positive attitude. “One of my top five priorities/values in life is Community and Connection. We are not destined to live in solitude, but to be associated with others outside of ourselves. Working to build strong and stable communities, will trickle down into creating happy and healthy individuals. I am my happiest when surrounded by a community of others,” explains Kalie.

Welcome Kalie! We are thrilled to have you on board!

Program Manager

Extreme Yard Care

Caleb Fox

Let’s welcome Caleb Fox as Extreme Yard Care’s new Program Manager! Extreme Yard Care (EYC) is a social enterprise lawn care business launched by Extreme Community Makeover last year. Caleb will be managing EYC and growing the social enterprise business. Caleb has a lot of experience in property management and he loves the idea of building a business that serves Denver communities. “I like to work outside. The opportunity to build something, manage the EYC program, and make it successful is exciting,” explains Caleb. “I am looking forward to supporting the mission of ECM and the work of connecting the community is important. I am most excited to be able to make EYC profitable and see some tangible growth for ECM. I love the idea of being able to hire people in the community and provide economic opportunity for them,” says Caleb.

Caleb sees the real benefit that EYC offers its customers and Denver residents. “We are able to offer an affordable landscaping solution, and do a variety of things,” explains Caleb. “Not only does EYC provide an excellent yard care service, but it furthers the mission of ECM through community outreach, and provides economic opportunity to residents in ECM’s target neighborhoods through employment,” passionately explains Caleb.

Caleb brings a strong work ethic to his new role. And, although his humility will not allow himself to be labeled a “community leader,” we are confident Caleb will lead EYC with integrity and diligence. He comes to Denver from Michigan and he is looking forward to enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather.

Caleb, welcome to Extreme Yard Care! And, welcome to the city of Denver!

If you’d like to personally welcome Kalie or Caleb, you can reach them at:

Kalie: kalie@extremecommunitymakeover.org
Caleb: caleb@extremeyardcare.org 


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