Caring During Corona: Rising to the Occasion

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April 23, 2020
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Caring During Corona: Rising to the Occasion

There are times when someone really steps up to help other people. No matter what the challenges are, they are committed to helping their neighbors and their community. You could say they have risen to the occasion. This is exactly what Bre Patterson did during the coronavirus challenge. Extreme Community Makeover initiated a campaign called Caring During Corona where volunteers would be matched up with Denver residents who ECM had worked with during the past couple of years. The goal was for the volunteers to call and check-in and see if anyone needed anything. Bre stepped up to the plate to assist not just one person, but seven residents during this campaign!

“I thought of my mom being out of state and needing someone to help her. She had help from family but I knew there were people in Denver who didn’t have someone to rely on to help,” explains Bre.

Bre knows how important community is. “Community brings us together and makes Colorado a better place to live. Having a sense of community makes everyone responsible for its upkeep, how we allocate resources, and most importantly how people volunteer,” says Bre.

Bre has lived in Denver for five years and in Colorado for 13 years. And, she knows Denver is unique. She says, “Denver is a city where all possibilities exist. The people are what makes Denver so incredible, including their warm smiles.”

Bre is an entrepreneur, freelance writer, author, and food blogger. She has a social media consulting business and she runs Bites with Bre (blog and Instagram). In addition, she does freelance work for Denver Life Magazine and she wrote a book about the Denver food scene (Denver Food Crawls: Touring the Neighborhoods One Bite and Libation at a Time). Learn more here.

One of the residents Bre connected with through “Caring During Corona” is Geraldine. “Since coronavirus was named a pandemic, I often think about Geraldine and how I helped her secure the items she needed to shelter in place. I think about others that were assisted by volunteers and able to stay at home while volunteers gathered their necessities. I had several neighbors join in on sourcing high-sought after essentials to fulfill Geraldine’s needs. My neighbors are incredible and makes me really appreciate the community around me,” she explains.

“Volunteering doesn’t always mean donating a whole day of work, it can be as simple as checking on someone immunocompromised or a senior citizen who needs a quick hello. If you start small, you will find how rewarding volunteering will be and start to dedicate more time,” declares Bre.

Bre was thankful to connect with Geraldine. “She called and left me the sweetest voicemail thanking me for everything. She made me feel that I had made a difference.”

If you would like to learn more about how you can assist a Denver neighbor right now, fill out this online form and you will be connected with someone.


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