Social Enterprise

Extreme Yard Care (EYC) is a lawn care social enterprise of Extreme Community Makeover (ECM) with the following goals:

· To provide employment opportunities for people living in the neighborhoods where ECM works

· To provide ongoing services beyond one-time volunteer projects

· To provide an option for bigger projects than volunteers may be able to address

· To provide another way to support the mission of ECM as donors and volunteers can hire EYC for their own lawn care needs

· To provide a source of revenue for non-profit projects as the proceeds from EYC are reinvested into ECM

Extreme Yard Care Services

General Landscaping Services

Basic Lawn Service (Mowing, Edging, Trimming)

Irrigation & Fertilization

Spring Aeration & Fertilization
Sprinkler Startup
Sprinkler Blowout
Summer Fertilization
Fall Aeration & Fertilization
Irrigation Maintenance


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