Joining an Extreme Team

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October 10, 2018
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October 25, 2018

Joining an Extreme Team

Have you ever volunteered with Extreme Community Makeover and seen those people in the blue shirts? Those people are on Extreme Teams. I have been doing Work Days since 2012 so I am very familiar with people in the blue shirts, and when I received my own last month it meant a lot to me. For me the blue shirts represent a knowledge and responsibility to the city of Denver. When you are on the Extreme Teams you get to see the difference that ECM can make and get to use your talents to help ECM improve Denver’s communities. The blue shirt affirmed to me that I know how to be a good neighbor and I can bring what I know to Work Days with ECM. It doesn’t take a lot of training or a degree to join an Extreme Team, it just takes an interest in and commitment to helping your community.

ECM has ten teams to choose from. The Logistics Team assists on Work Days by running check in and giving out project lists. They assist in set-up, merchandise, coordinating lunch, and running cleanup.

The Photography Team takes photos of residents and volunteers for the website, social media, and print projects. They take group photos, before and after pictures, and action photos during the Work Day.  The Projects Team drives the ECM truck to assist in debris removal and trouble shooting. They also distribute yard signs and manage the dumpsters.

The Video Team works to capture stories that happen during Work Days by shooting action shots and directing interviews. The videos are used in blog posts and social media.

The Communications Team talks to residents and volunteers in an effort to develop a story from every Work Day to be published on the blog. The Follow-Up Team is in charge of developing relationships with the community and connecting them to resources, as well as inviting them to get involved in subsequent Work Days. The Supplies Team develops relationships with businesses that can provide supplies at a discounted price or for free. On Work Days they are in charge of checking the supplies out to volunteers and taking inventory at the end of a Work Day.

The Fundraising Team is a resource for the Group Leaders on Work Days and connects with local businesses and individuals to identify donors to fund Work Days. The Neighborhood Team works within the eight neighborhoods represented by ECM to strengthen the impact ECM has on community building efforts. The Survey Team initiates the communications with residents by knocking on doors to see what projects people would potentially like completed on Work Days. Members of the survey team also acts as translators for the Spanish-speaking neighbors.

To join an Extreme Team today go to the website and fill out the info. Joining an Extreme Team is a great way to get involved in Denver and become a better neighbor.



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