ECM Board Member, Judson Robertson

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January 12, 2015
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January 19, 2015

ECM Board Member, Judson Robertson

Board Member, Judson Robertson

I became involved in Extreme Community Makeover because I witnessed true impact on my first day of serving. The idea of coming alongside neighbors and serving with them, instead of for them, helped bring the community together. It encourages neighbors to talk to one another and they may have never interacted before. This brings about community and truly improves the lives of the people living there. Also, ECM can be replicated in any city across the world and have direct impact on the community it serves because we are not in for one day and out. We stay for years and help the area transform. That is why I became involved.

ECM helps bring communities together and gets residents talking. The shovel and paint brush are tools to bring communities closer by working alongside one another. Our goal is to have neighbor helping neighbor and hope we can be the catalyst to bring about this conversation. Other organizations come in for a day and leave, but we are there for years at a time. This develops trust and consistency in areas where that is uncommon. Over the years, the communities change for the better because neighbors know each other and are committed to the change.


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