Neighbor to Neighbor Club

We strive to make deep connections within our neighborhoods while keeping the Work Day experience at a high level for volunteers and residents. In order to do this we have a support club to guarantee that ECM provides the experience volunteers expect and the service our Denver neighbors deserve.

Monthly Goal: $2,000

  • Current: $1,459 / Month73%

Your monthly gift allows us to build deep community relationships.


Adopt A Volunteer

$10 per month provides a volunteer at a low cost to our neighborhoods while keeping the experience at a high level.
DONATE $10/Month

Adopt A Neighbor

$20 per month provides needed services to our neighbors allowing us to asses their needs and facilitate projects.
DONATE $20/Month

Adopt A Home

$35 per month provides basic home repair services providing a boost to our neighbors and increasing home values in our communities.
DONATE $35/Month

Adopt An Alley

$50 per month provides alley clean-up days in our communities creating safer places for our kids and creating connection points with our neighbors.
DONATE $50/Month

Adopt A Block

$100 per month allows us to organize neighborhood Work Days with multiple volunteer groups: facilitating projects, organizing resources, meeting with neighbors and revitalizing blocks with fresh paint and curb appeal.
DONATE $100/Month

Adopt A Community

$250 per month gives us the ability to identify leaders and collaborate with community connectors and resources in our neighborhoods.
DONATE $250/Month

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