Your Creativity Needs a Community

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Your Creativity Needs a Community

“Your creativity needs a community,” this is one of the mottos of Converge Denver. They believe community is critical to inspire and bring out the best potential in individuals. They are there to help creatives find their place and to encourage them to keep moving forward.

Whether you work with a computer, a pen, a paintbrush, a camera, or other tool of choice; creating can sometimes be a daunting, lonely pursuit. At Converge, we get that — we get you. That’s why we’re curating a coworking environment that’s collaborative rather than competitive. Our creators are “for” each other. We work together, play together, and make a difference together.

“We create a common table for creatives. We intentionally have multiple disciplines at Converge Denver and our desire is that everyone flourishes. We do what we can with workspace, relationships, and our circle of influence to be a source of mentorship that happens among the community. We provide communications support, strategic planning, financial training, etc. to make sure each Converge member succeeds,” explains John, the founder of Converge Denver. John and his wife Linda will be celebrating five years of Converge Denver being “a home” for the creatives this May, 2018.

“Being a creative is hard.  It is important to have a community to both collaborate with and provide a support structure.  I chose Converge because it offered both,” says Josh Kuehl a member of the Converge community. Josh’s business is Task Force: ISO, a company that uses photography to strengthen and heal resilient warriors; enabling veterans to overcome their wounds and integrate with the help of art therapy. Josh has also been on ECM’s Board of Directors.

“We are morphing converge a bit. We decided to bring everything  together under one umbrella. It’ll be a nonprofit called Transforming Creatives; opening up a much bigger scale to empower creatives to flourish. We really believe that creatives have a unique ability to harness the power of truth, beauty, and goodness. We want to support them and help them become whole people as well, mind, body, and soul,” passionately explains John.

The four objectives of Transforming Creatives

Purposeful Community 
Personal Development
Professional Development
Support Programs

There is a vetting process to becoming a member of the Converge Denver community. It begins with an online application. Then, John and Linda sit down with the applicant to find out more about their work, their professional journey, and their goals to explore whether Converge Denver is a good match. “Our desire is to help them to flourish, make sure they share similar values, and make sure they are looking for an active community. It’s very important that they desire to curate and incubate friendships within our community. We believe friendships are at the core of growth,” says John.

“One of the really central things and cultural elements, is our monthly member lunch. That is where a lot of the magic happens. It’s our favorite day of the month,” says John. The membership lunch is every third Thursday of the month. They enjoy a home cooked meal and members share needs and celebrations. It’s a meaningful time for the members, and deepens relationships amongst themselves.

In addition, Converge Denver hosts events, for those nonprofits and organizations they believe in. They look for a certain type of organization. John and Linda are very selective with how the space is used – it needs to fit within their values. “We invite nonprofits who we feel are doing great work in the city,” expresses John. Extreme Community Makeover is one of those organizations. We feel grateful to be able to partner with Converge Denver and we cherish their support!

Extreme Community Makeover’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration at Converge Denver 

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