6.16.18 ECM Work Day – Villa Park Neighborhood
June 19, 2018
6.19.18 & 6.21.18 ECM Work Days – Multiple Neighborhoods
June 27, 2018

With Every Word

Community, participation, relationships, volunteer, service, neighbor; these are just some of the words I think of when I approach the beginning of each ECM Work Day.  For sure, each of these words carries with them a certain expectation, a mood….an energy. Symbols and pictures do the same, bringing to mind a thought, creating an expectation a mood. Not many people speak energy, but are very familiar with the “feel” of a person, a place, a community.

My thought on this workday was, “can the energy of the words we speak create our reality, our life….our communities?

I’ll keep my thoughts and words short for this blog and let the words, the pictures, and the symbols from our Villa Park neighborhood and volunteers tell the story.

What kind of experience, community, and people would you like to attract into your life, your world? With every word we create our experience….so here is to creating something good!


~Lisa – Communication Team


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