Tips for Reducing Waste This Holiday Season

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December 7, 2015
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January 6, 2016

Tips for Reducing Waste This Holiday Season

Did you know – Americans generate 25% more waste than normal between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day? This holiday season, get creative about reining in your holiday consumption habits by finding new ways to conserve resources. To do so, Denver Recycles encourages you to reduce what you generate in the first place and to actively recycle and compost as much as possible.

Here are a few recycling reminders and waste reduction tips for the holiday season:

  • SAVE & REUSE WRAPPING PAPER AND GIFT BAGS – Save money, landfill space, and help the environment by keeping your gift bags, tissue paper and wrapping paper for use again this year or next.  Also, consider using re-useable cloth shopping bags as gift bags and give your family and friends two gifts in one!
  • KNOW YOUR RECYCLING OPTIONS – Plenty of gift packaging such as cardboard and plain wrapping paper is accepted in purple carts. Other materials, such as foam and plastic wrap, are not. If you’re unsure of what holiday gift packaging or wrapping is recyclable in your purple cart or elsewhere in Denver, consult the Denver Recycles’ Recycling Directory on our website or access the directory by downloading the “Denver Trash and Recycling” app.
  • REDUCE FOOD WASTE – Food is a huge piece of just about every holiday. Keep your food waste in check by reading up on the EPA’s food waste reduction tips at // and by composting all kitchen scraps and uneaten food waste.
  • UPCYCLE – Many great holiday gifts are made from what could sometimes be considered waste. Consider purchasing handmade and upcycled gifts for your friends and family this year. Many local vendors sell jewelry from discarded food packaging, pillows from discarded textiles, and much more! You’re sure to impress friend and family with these unique finds!
  • RECYCLING DROP-OFF – If you find that you are generating more recyclables than usual with friends and family in town, consider bringing your extra recyclables to the Denver Recycles Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-off. Hours and directions can be found on or by calling 311 (720-913-1311).

As you clean up after your holiday festivities, be sure to recycle correctly by ensuring that only acceptable recyclables are placed in your Denver Recycles’ purple recycling cart.

Article provided by Denver Recycles.


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