The Neighborhood That Embodies Culture and Diversity

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March 3, 2017
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March 13, 2017

The Neighborhood That Embodies Culture and Diversity

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DenverCOsealYou might not have know that this Denver neighborhood is represented in Denver’s City Seal. The tall smokestack, depicts the smelting industry era centered in the city of Globeville. The changing patterns of Globeville are inextricably bound up with the history of the community and its ethnic and religious groups. Globeville was established by Globe Smelter Company for the purpose of being ranch land. Slavic workers were known to have settled in the area around 1885. As other smelter and packinghouses located nearby, local workers were attracted to Globeville. Read more history here.

Today’s Diverse Globeville Neighborhood


A new lunch spot just opened up in Globeville called Comal. It’s set up as a social enterprise that serves authentic Latin American cuisine. The restaurant is located on the Taxis Campus, where Fuel used to be. They have a  rotating menu focused on the cuisines of Mexico, El Salvador, and Peru, curated and prepared by a group of local culinary entrepreneurs. Comal is similar to Extreme Community Makeover, in that they too have a vision to serve Denver communities. Comal is a part of a community outreach program through Focus Points, providing low-income women who reside in Globeville, Elyria and Swansea job training and economic resilience.

Orthodox Food Festival and Old Globeville Days

Camal is not the only place to get authentic food in Globeville. An event not to be missed is the Orthodox Food Festival and Old Globeville Days. Make sure to put this summer event on your calendar. The festival happens every July. Keep checking their website for the updated event date. The food at the event is served a la carte and displays various authentic foods of the Parish Community that include Greek, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Mexican, and Italian. And, better yet, is that every dish is handmade. There is also live music, dancing, entertainment, and children’s activities, along with a tour of the historic Holy Transfiguration Cathedral and iconography.

Argo Park

A great place in Globeville to take your dog for a walk or your kids for a family outing is Argo Park. It’s located at 401 E. 47th Ave. Click here to view map. The neighborhood park is a popular hangout for nearby residents.

Garden Place Academy

In the heart of Globeville, is the Garden Place Academy. The elementary school is a hub for the Globeville community. The school values community as well as teamwork, integrity, grit, and enthusiasm.

Converge Denver

Converge Denver is a co-working space near the Globeville neighborhood. They host co-working spaces for business owners, entrepreneurs, and also for the creatives such as painters, photographers, etc. Converge values community and they make it a goal to foster an environment of friendship. Their goal is to be culture shapers who make a difference in the city of Denver.

Extreme Community Makeover’s Spring Kick-Off is tonight, March 10, at Converge Denver. The event gives us an opportunity to spend time with friends who want to learn more about how to support our work this year through donating and volunteering.

Spring Kick Off

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