The Feel Good Lifestyle

Meaningful Acts of Service that Encourage Human Connectedness
September 28, 2016
10.8.16 ECM Work Day – Villa Park & West Colfax Neighborhoods
October 12, 2016

The Feel Good Lifestyle


092212-23-2106153184-OIt’s always great to see a husband and wife team volunteering together. On any given ECM Work Day, you will see Connie and her husband, Kenny, volunteering together for Extreme Community Makeover. Connie is on the Logistics Team of the Extreme Teams and Kenny is on the Projects Team. The Logistics Team is a good fit for Connie because she loves getting things organized, meeting the volunteers as they check-in, helping at the command center, serving lunch, and putting her organization skills to the test.

This is Kenny’s first year on the Projects Team092212-17-2106153016-O and he really enjoys it because the Projects Team is hands-on and his construction background is a perfect fit. Kenny is thankful that he has his own trailer to use when he volunteers and he uses it to haul trash from the project sites.

They both decided to volunteer as a couple because they have a passion for helping people and it builds up their relationship to volunteer together. “Even though we are very busy, we schedule time in and we make it a priority. If you are passionate about it, then do it,” the couple passionately expresses. They work their busy schedule around the ECM Work Days because it is an important priority to them.

“Once you volunteer, you find that it is so rewarding,” says Connie. Seeing how happy the homeowners are, once a project is completed, is such a big draw for both Kenny and Connie. The homeowners are so thankful and they are so grateful that the couple gets a huge feeling of accomplishment each time they volunteer. “When we both get home from an ECM Work Day, we are pooped, we are very sore, and we feel like we accomplished something huge. We feel really good about it,” says Kenny. You can’t help but feel good when you put a smile on someone’s face. Kenny and Connie also enjoy seeing the different groups of volunteers and they really enjoy seeing the amount of young people who volunteer for ECM.

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Volunteering has put a strength in their relationship. It’s quality time together, while they get to fulfill their passion to serve the community. Connie and Kenny admit they would volunteer separately, but it feels really good to volunteer as a team.  “It makes us feel more blessed, and we feel very fortunate that we have the time and ability to volunteer,” expresses Connie. “Once you get involved, you look forward to the next project. It’s a lifestyle,” adds Kenny.

The dynamic couple, Connie and Kenny, prove that the lifestyle of volunteering truly is the feel good lifestyle!


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