The Event of the Year: Art Is in the Air Fundraiser

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October 18, 2018
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The Event of the Year: Art Is in the Air Fundraiser

Tammy and Charles have been volunteering for Art Is in the Air for for five years now. It is their favorite event to do with ECM. “We put this in our calendar every year as soon as we know the date,” says Charles. This year will be the eighth year of hosting the Art is in the Air event for Extreme Community Makeover.

“It’s fun to go each year and see each volunteer that is helping with the event. There are always a core group of people and it’s cool to reunite with them. Most of the volunteers we don’t see until the event the next year. So, we love to rekindle our friendship with them. Everyone is so helpful,” explains Charles.

To make this event a success every year, we usually recruit ten to twelve volunteers to assist with the fundraiser. Our volunteers help make the event a success. This is Extreme Community Makeover’s major fundraiser for the year, so it’s very important to have it run as smoothly as possible.

Charles and Tammy do food preparation for the Art Is in the Air fundraiser. “We always do food prep. Angela already has the food mostly ready. We just help get it prepared to serve and we get it plated,” says Tammy.

The volunteer positions at the event include: set-up, clean-up; food and catering; overseeing the raffle; helping manage the silent and live auction (processing that and checking people out); artist; musician; audio and visual. It definitely takes a good team to make this event a hit.

“Volunteers are the backbone to so much of what Extreme Community Makeover does, which is also the case for the Art Is in the Air event. We have an amazing team of volunteers that make this event so special!” exclaims Angela, the Executive Director of ECM.

When asked what their favorite part of the event is, Charles says, “The food of course!” The couple also enjoys the silent auction and to see all the people interacting and mingling amongst each other. Another big highlight is the video presentation at the end, reminding everyone why ECM is so important to the Denver community.

Volunteering comes second nature to Charles and Tammy, “It comes with our religious beliefs. Volunteering has helped us to have a deeper understanding of what it means to truly serve. ECM’s motto to “Be Kind. Do Good.” is also our motto as a family,” explains Tammy.

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