The Denver Compost Challenge Wants YOU to Start Composting NOW!

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April 29, 2020
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The Denver Compost Challenge Wants YOU to Start Composting NOW!

Started by a group of Denver residents and community organizations, the Denver Compost Challenge is a collaborative and community-driven effort to get more people composting in Denver.

One of the beautiful things about composting is that there isn’t just one way to do it, since there are benefits to composting using a variety of methods. Denver Recycles has always encouraged a choose all that apply approach to composting, so we’re excited to support a community-led effort that does just that.

Here’s what every Denver resident can do to support the Denver Compost Challenge:

  1. Learn about the many ways to compost in Denver (included below). Whether you choose to compost using the Denver Composts program, the Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-off, a backyard compost pile, a worm box, or one of several collection services geared towards apartment dwellers, there’s a way for every Denver resident to compost. You may even expand your compost horizons by discovering a new way to compost!
  2. Learn about the benefits of composting and the importance of putting compost back into our soil. Closing the compost loop is just as important as keeping our food scraps and yard debris out of the landfill. Read up on the ways that Denverites can improve their soil with compost and watch The Soil Story to see why this is so important to our health and to the environment.
  3. Start or expand your compost efforts. Join a compost service, build a backyard compost pile, or get acquainted with the many benefits of compost by using compost to improve your soil. We challenge you to compost even more!
  4. Help spread the word. The number one way that people find out about the Denver Composts program is through their friends and neighbors. Share your experience with composting with your friends, neighbors, and fellow Denverites through your regular social channels or by using Denver Compost Challenge hashtags on social media (#DenverCompostChallenge and #ThisIsHowWeCompost).
  5.  Stay plugged in as we measure the impact of our collective efforts. While we don’t have a great way to track the increase in everyform of composting in Denver, we do have the ability to track participation in the Denver Composts program. As of April 2020, the Denver Composts program has 23,277 participants. We plan to keep track of our progress over the course of the Challenge (May to November) and we’ll update our Denver Compost Challenge page quarterly with changes to the neighborhood participation rates. In the meantime, do you know what percent of your neighborhood composts with the Denver Composts program? You can check, here.

Below is a list of the composting options that are available to Denverites. The Denver Compost Challenge encourages you to choose the option (or options) that work best for your home. Even current composters may find a way to expand their composting efforts!

  • The Denver Composts Program. All current Solid Waste Management customers are eligible to add compost to their collection services. This fee-based program is $9.75 per month, billed quarterly, and it accepts tricky items such as meat, dairy and even animal bones!
  • FREE Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-Off. This drop-off site accepts everything that the Denver Composts program accepts in its green compost carts and it’s open to all Denver residents.
  • Backyard Composting. You certainly don’t need anything fancy for this option. Just a little know-how and some space in your backyard. Learn how to compost at one of Denver Recycles’ free Learn to Backyard Compost workshops and get started! There are certain items that don’t belong in backyard compost piles (meat scraps, dairy items, etc.), but the finished compost you create is all yours!
  • Vermicomposting. Vermicomposting is also known as “worm composting.” Unlike traditional backyard composting methods, you don’t need a back yard for this form of composting. It’s great option for everyone, and especially great for apartment dwellers and others with limited indoor or outdoor space. Think of a worm box as a box full of very small pets that also help you turn kitchen scraps into nutrient-dense compost for your houseplants or garden! Check the schedule of free Learn to Backyard Compost classes for the dedicated ‘worm workshops’ that focus specifically on worm composting techniques.
  • Apartment Collection Options. There are a handful of private compost collection services designed specifically for apartment dwellers and anyone with limited space. Each option offers a different approach, and you can find links to all of them here.

More information about the many ways to compost can be found at Everyone can follow along, join the conversation, and share with the Denver Compost Challenge, here!

For more information about all programs and services offered by Denver Recycles, please visit us at or call 311 (720-913-1311).


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