The Benefits of Volunteering

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The Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering benefits us in more ways than one. It’s good for our health, it brings people together, it enhances our self-esteem and it strengthens our communities.

Volunteering Does the Body Good 

Reduces Stress

Focusing on someone other than yourself interrupts tension-producing patterns.

Strengthened Immune System

Emotions such as optimism, joy and control are created when volunteering. Those positive vibes strengthen a person’s immune system.

Physical Exercise

Depending on what type of volunteering you are doing, you can get some great physical exercise.

Volunteering Brings People Together

Meet New Friends

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people with similar interests.

Strengthens Group Dynamics

Whether it’s a church group, family or organizational group, volunteering strengthens trust. It builds teamwork by uniting the group to work towards a common goal.

Volunteering Promotes Personal Growth and Self Esteem

Increases Relationship Skills

Interacting with your peers, people in different age groups, people with a different socioeconomic status, etc. in a group setting helps foster relationship skills.

Increases Self-Confidence

Volunteering can provide a healthy boost to your self-esteem and life satisfaction. Doing good for others and helping strengthen a community, provides a natural sense of accomplishment.

Volunteering Strengthens Communities

It Shows That People Care

Communities are revised and revamped when people show that they care about the community they live in by helping others with their practical needs.

Beautifies a Community

Cleaning a yard, painting a fence, planting a garden, etc. helps make the community more appealing and beautiful.

Builds Neighborhood Comradery

Volunteering in a neighborhood encourages the people living in that neighborhood to reach out and support each other.

ECM Work Days 2016

Extreme Community Makeover hosts Corporate Volunteer Days and Individual and Group Work Days throughout Spring, Summer and Fall. We are excitedly gearing up for our first Work Day of 2016 on Saturday, April 9. To sign up for this Work Day, click here.

ECM is making a huge impact in Denver, one block at a time. We serve these Denver neighborhoods: Barnum, Elyria, Globville, La Alma/Lincoln Park, Swansea, Villa Park, West Colfax and Westwood.


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