Taking Out the Trash

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October 2, 2020
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Taking Out the Trash

Most of us don’t think about waste management as being a critical service but it certainly is. It’s probably a testament to the waste management industry that we don’t think about this service every day, even though we interact with trash all the time. Waste management often goes under the radar because it has been efficiently managed and thus, it’s easy to take it for granted.

5280 Waste Solutions has stepped up to the plate and has handled Denver’s waste pick up with diligence in this COVID-19 season. They are essential to keeping Denver running smoothly. Rachel Rovey, Marketing and Communications Manager states:

“People don’t always think about waste workers. Every day we are impacted by our waste. Even as many other things changed throughout the pandemic one thing that was consistent is that people are generating waste and there are workers who dedicate their careers to hauling it away. For safety reasons, and for sanitation reasons, this is essential.” 

5280 Waste Solutions has been a partner of Extreme Community Makeover for five years now. We use their dumpsters on our Work Days. The company has also volunteered with us on multiple volunteer Work Days. We appreciate their partnership and professionalism. They’ve stayed focused and dedicated to serving their customers and the city of Denver during these challenging times. COVID-19 has caused us all to stop, take a breath, and think of how we can keep the community safe.

Tommy Atencio – 5280’s Lead Driver Supervisor

Tommy Atencio, 5280’s Lead Driver Supervisor, keeps a table between himself and the drivers as he passes out supplies. “We don’t talk to anyone,” Tommy’s team calls the landfill employees for the information instead of talking through a window to limit their exposure to others to practice social distancing.

“We reassure you, we’re open for business,” Tommy Atencio says. He is the lead driver supervisor with 5280 Dumpster & Roll-Off Solutions. The drivers are self-isolated in their trucks. Every morning at 5:30 a.m. the drivers line up while keeping a safe distance from each other. Tommy hands them a bag with disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, rubber gloves, and a spray bottle with bleach. “Our drivers are careful, and our trucks are sanitized,” he says.

5280 Solutions is taking all the precautions they can. Their drivers even spray the dumpster handles after delivery. The company has seen a spike in dumpster rentals during this time. Since many people have extra time on their hands and have been spending more time at home, they are taking advantage of the time to complete yard and home improvement projects.

The company is locally owned and offers residential, commercial, construction, HOA and industrial dumpster rentals. They care about sustainability and have environmentally friendly waste disposal practices.

If you are looking to complete home renovation and/or yard cleanup projects, click here to learn more about booking a dumpster through 5280 Waste Solutions. 


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