Seven Simple Reasons to Love the Denver Composts Program

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February 4, 2020
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Seven Simple Reasons to Love the Denver Composts Program

With Valentine’s Day here, Denver Recycles is wondering… will you be
their customer?  More than 22,000 Denverite’s have shared the love and
signed up, but they’re hoping for even more love in 2020. 
In case you’re not already convinced, here are just a few reasons to
love the Denver Composts program, and even more reasons why you should sign up today: 

It’s Easy. By simply placing your food scraps and yard debris in green compost carts instead of trash carts, you can significantly reduce what is sent to the landfill and therefore the amount of methane generated by yourwaste.

Since methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, composting is an easy way
for all of us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Composting turns
our waste into a valuable resource that provides many benefits to
our yard, gardens, and the environment. And, Denverites can purchase finished compost made from the materials placed in Denver’s green
carts at the annual Mulch Giveaway and Compost Sale in the spring and 
at neighborhood Ace Hardware stores. Just look for bags labeled as 
Denver’s Own EcoGro™ Compost.

Wilted flower arrangements and sweets are compostable. Just be sure to remove rubber bands, wrappers and all other non-compostable elements before placing these items in your green cart.

Sharing is caring, and we don’t mind if you share your card. Our goal is to get compostable materials composted. If splitting the cost and sharing a compostcart with your neighbor is what works best
for you, we’re all for it.

Spring is almost here, and green compost carts can help you manage the increase in yard debris that comes with the change of the
seasons. Along with food scraps and non-recyclable paper, the Denver
Composts program accepts yard debris such as leaves, grass clippings,
perennials, and even weeds that you pull from your lawn and garden.

Signing up is easy. You can sign up for the Denver Composts program in minutes, and once you do, you’ll be a participant in a program that keeps more than 10,000 tons (20 million pounds!) of food waste, yard debris,
and non-recyclable paper out of the landfill each year.

You’ll Get a Free Kitchen Pail. In addition to a green compost cart, we
will also provide a 2-gallon pail that you can place on your kitchen
counter for collecting kitchen scraps and leftovers.

To learn more and to sign up for the Denver Composts program, visit  or call 311 (720-913-1311).  


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