Recycle Your Tree with Denver’s Treecycle Program

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December 15, 2020
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Recycle Your Tree with Denver’s Treecycle Program

Recycling your Christmas tree is as easy as ever, thanks to Denver Recycles’ annual Treecycle program. For every tree recycled through Treecycle, Denver residents help keep valuable organic material out of the landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by organic materials breaking down in our landfill, and create mulch that is made available to Denver residents for free at the annual Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale in May. It’s truly a win, win, win.

Participating in Treecycle is easy.  After the holidays, follow these simple steps to recycle your tree:

    1. Remove all decorations, lights, and the tree stand from your tree.
    2. Set your tree out for collection on one of your scheduled trash collection days during the two-week Treecycle collection period, January 4 – 15.
    3. Reclaim free mulch made from your tree at the annual Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale in May.

Program Reminders:

  • Only natural, real Christmas trees are collected by Treecycle crews. No artificial or flocked trees will be collected.
  • Place trees out at your trash set-out location by 7 a.m. on one of your scheduled trash collection days during the Treecycle collection period.
  • Trees must be placed at least two feet away from collection carts, structures, and other obstacles. Do not place trees inside bags or collection carts.
  • Trees may also be dropped off at one of two Treecycle drop-off sites, open through January 31.
  • Treecycle is for Denver residents only.

Last year, Denver residents recycled more than 21,000 trees. Participate in this year’s Treecycle program and help Denver recycle even more!

Need to recycle some holiday lights too? As you’re decorating or taking down decorations, the Recycle Your Holiday Lights program is here to help! Broken or impossibly tangled string lights can be dropped off for FREE at our Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-off between December 1 and January 19. Strands of discarded holiday lights are sent to our program partner, Blue Star Recyclers, who disassemble the strands to recycle the wiring and the plastic/glass bulbs. Remember – holiday lights and other ‘tanglers’ are NOT accepted in your purple cart. Tanglers are serious contaminants in the recycling program and can cause significant problems at our recycling sorting facility. So, be sure to keep holiday lights out of your purple cart and bring them to the Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-off instead!
For more information about Treecycle, Recycle Your Holiday Lights, the annual Mulch Giveaway and Compost Sale, and all other Denver Recycles programs, visit or call 311 (720-913-1311).


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