Neighborhood Spotlight: Noe Bermudez, Owner of Kahlo’s Mexican Restaurant

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Noe Bermudez, Owner of Kahlo’s Mexican Restaurant

When meeting Noe Bermudez, owner of Kahlo’s Mexican Restaurant, you are immediately struck by his kind demeanor. The kind, authentic, and vibrant vibe in his restaurant reflects Noe’s persona. The popular authentic Mexican restaurant has been in the Westwood Neighborhood for about four years now.

“My customers are like family to me. They are special. I have a relationship with them and I love to hear their stories,” says Noe.

Noe is not a newbie to the restaurant business. He also owns another popular restaurant called Tarascos in Denver. Tarascos has been in business for about twenty years now. And, his family in Mexico are restaurant owners. So, he was raised to love authentic Mexican cuisine.

The neighborhood of Westwood is important to Noe. He states, “The neighborhood used to be bad. And, I wanted to be a part of something to make the neighborhood a better place and to bring change to the community in a positive way. I am happy that the neighborhood is changing into a vibrant place. One of the best things in life is to be involved in your community.”

“I want to see the neighborhood happy, clean, nice and beautiful. It’s important that we share what we are doing with other neighbors. After all, we are all one family,” says Noe.

Noe takes pride in the uniqueness of his restaurant. They have a gluten free and vegan menu. “It’s not easy changing the recipes to fit within this vision. However, it’s important to me. Our food is still traditional Mexican food, with lots of flavor, but we also have the healthiest ingredients,” exclaims Noe. And, Noe is adamant about never using any MSG in his recipes. The restaurant has a juice bar as well, with all natural ingredients; they do not use juice concentrate.

The menu is the most diverse, healthy and authentic Mexican food you’ll experience. This delicious plate is an enchiladas with mushrooms, cremates fresca, and cabbage! You can read entire menu on their website, here.

Mushroom’s enchiladas, w/special sauce, queso & crema fresca, red salsa,
tomatillo salsa, cabbage.

Noe thinks of his food as art. “We are unique because we not only have more traditional Mexican dishes, but we also create them to be different and unique, in a healthy way,” explains Noe. He also takes great care in the presentation of the food and plans his dishes to be artful with color and vibrance. Food is art to Noe.

It is no surprise that Noe named his restaurant after Frida Kahlo, one of the best Mexican artists of all time. He admires Frida’s ability to rise above her circumstances and bring positive change into her life. “I believe everyone has a Frida Kahlo inside of them; the ability to rise above and make positive change,” says Noe.

Kahlo’s Mexican Restaurant is diffiently ahead of the foodie trend in Denver.

Noe takes pride in his heritage and is from Michoacan, Mexico. “It was very important for me to bring a taste of Michoacan to Colorado. I wanted to bring my traditions to the beautiful people of Colorado. In Colorado we serve the best,” states Noe. Noe has called Colorado home for almost thirty years now.

You too can experience the taste of Michoacan, healthy Mexican authentic food. Kahlo’s is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. And, they are open on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Learn more on their website.

They staff is friendly and the service is quick! You will certainly love all their unique dishes. This Westwood neighborhood restaurant is sure to make your list of of your unique Denver gems.


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