Help Us Spread the Word and the Compost!

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July 2, 2020
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Help Us Spread the Word and the Compost!

The Denver Composts program is growing! We recently surpassed  25,000 households subscribed, but we know we can do even better with your help.Since the #1 way that people find out about the program is through their friends and neighbors, we’re offering a referral program to help get the word out.

When existing customers refer a friend or neighbor to the program, both the new and existing customer will be entered into a drawing for two free bags of Denver’s Own EcoGro™ Compost (one bag for the new customer, and one for the existing customer). Winners will be announced in August.

Participating in the Denver Composts program is great, but using the compost made from the materials collected in Denver’s green compost cart is how we’re able to close the compost loop and really start seeing the full benefits of our actions. Food scraps and yard debris collected in Denver’s green compost carts are turned into finished compost that can be used as a soil amendment that works wonders on our home gardens and landscapes. Finished compost can be incorporated into garden bed soils, spread over the top of your lawn as a top-dressing, or used in container gardens and in the soil of indoor houseplants.

Wherever you use it, Denver’s Own EcoGro™ Compost will give your soil better structure, will help your soil retain moisture, and will provide beneficial soil microorganisms. By improving soil, compost allows plants to develop stronger root systems, helps plants fight disease, makes soil nutrients more available to plants, and contributes to making your plants healthier and more resilient overall.  For all these reasons (and many more), we encourage you to spread the word about the Denver Composts program and to spread finished compost wherever you can!

Instructions for how to use finished compost is included on the back of every bag of Denver’s Own EcoGro™ Compost. And, Denver’s Own EcoGro™ Compost is conveniently available at all of Denver’s neighborhood Ace Hardware locations (and even some located outside of Denver too!). A compost calculator can be found here, and an Ace Hardware store locator can be found here.For more information about all programs and services offered by Denver Recycles, please visit us at or call 311 (720-913-1311).


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