Heart Transformation

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February 16, 2017
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February 23, 2017

Heart Transformation


Marty Plachko has been participating in volunteering with Extreme Community Makeover for about five years now. He’s helped in a leadership capacity, where he’s organized volunteer days with his church Denver Community Church. Marty now goes to a new church called Go Church in the Stapleton area.”Eventually, I would love to head up a volunteer group with Go Church for ECM,” says Marty.

image1-2Marty has truly had a heart transformation. First, his heart has been renewed by his faith. “I grew up Catholic, but my faith has been sparked in the recent years. I just want to honor Jesus and go where He would go,” humbly explains Marty. “I spent a lot of wasted years partying, drinking, and all the stuff that comes with that. I had a gambling addiction for 20 years. Those were dark days,” Marty says. He is thankful he’s been clean for five years now and he is grateful for the Lord’s work in his life. He feels very blessed to have his wife, Erin, and his two young kids, son Wes and daughter Reese.

Volunteering with Extreme Community Makeover has also helped to transform Marty’s heart. He has seen the real benefit of going door to door in the neighborhoods ECM serves in and he has seen how face to face interaction changes the people living in these neighborhoods. “All this online stuff, like Facebook, can easily distract us from what really matters. What matters is having real human interaction and real human connection,” Marty expresses.

420 Utica (8)Marty is honored to serve ECM with his time, and to also serve ECM with his pocket book. He is looking forward to more ways he can help support the cause in the future. Marty has seen, firsthand, how volunteering with Extreme Community Makeover has transformed the neighborhoods it cleans up. “There is a lot of division in the world right now. I enjoy being a part of something that brings people together, and bringing people together with different backgrounds,” Marty says with a smile.

Volunteering truly is a way to have your heart transformed, and to help transform a heart in need. ECM is transforming hearts and neighborhoods, one block at a time. Check out our 2017 Work Days here and register.