Getting Around Denver and Going Green

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April 10, 2015
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April 20, 2015

Getting Around Denver and Going Green

Denver has a lot of options when it comes to transportation. We have bus stops throughout the city and the light rail. Plus, taxis run around the city and Uber is making it’s rounds. There are also some cool services for transportation sharing that will save you money and help the environment.

eGo CarShare

If you don’t have a car, there is eGo CarShare. If you are a member, you can participate and find a car to use on the map. You can use their mobile site or the phone to reserve a vehicle at one of their nearby locations. eGo CarShare has over 40 locations to choose from in Denver and Boulder, and over 20 different types of vehicles ranging from the spunky Honda Fit and the classic Prius to  workhorse trucks and minivans.


Car2Go is similar to eGo CarShare. When you sign up, you get a member card that allows you to have access to the vehicles parked throughout the city. You can locate a nearby Car2Go with your smartphone. Then, take it, drive it and then park it.


If you’d rather ride a back then drive a car, there is B-cycle. Denver B-cycle has B-stations throughout Downtown Denver, the Highlands, Capitol Hill, Uptown, Cherry Creek, Congress Park, City Park, Baker, Washington Park and University of Denver neighborhoods. You can check out a B-cycle from any B-station, and return it to any other B-station or make a round-trip to the same one.

Make sure to take advantage of all Denver’s diverse transportation options. Getting around Denver can be fun and you can go green while getting to where you need to go.


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