Extreme Yard Care: Extreme Community Makeover’s Social Enterprise Business

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February 16, 2018
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February 28, 2018

Extreme Yard Care: Extreme Community Makeover’s Social Enterprise Business

Extreme Yard Care (EYC) began in the spring of 2017, launched as a social enterprise of Extreme Community Makeover (ECM). The goals of the social enterprise business include providing economic opportunity and work for residents in ECM target neighborhoods, contributing to ECM’s goals of neighborhood stabilization and revitalization, and providing sustainable revenue for ECM in the long-term-delete since sustainable and long-term are saying the same thing. Extreme Yard Care is a lawn care business with a greater purpose!

Extreme Community Makeover’s Target Neighborhoods

Extreme Yard Care also has the mission of providing quality, affordable lawn care services to Denver residents and to small businesses. Our services include mowing, trimming, edging and blowing. We do additional services upon request. You can check out our competitive pricing, by clicking here.


Goal 1

To meet the yard needs in ECM’s target neighborhoods for more consistent or specialized support that volunteers are unable to address.

Extreme Yard Care meets the outdoor/yard needs in ECM’s target neighborhoods. Extreme Community Makeover serves a lot of elderly residents, people with disabilities, and residents that are unable to afford regular upkeep. Therefore, EYC fills in the gap to help Denver residents get the yard work care they need on a more consistent (weekly, monthly, etc.) basis. In addition, we offer more specialized support that ECM volunteers are unable to address on their own. EYC provides ongoing neighborhood stabilization and revitalization support to Denver residents.

Goal 2

To provide economic opportunity through employment in ECM’s target neighborhoods.

Extreme Yard Care provides economic opportunity through employment in its target neighborhoods, since Extreme Yard Care employees are recruited from ECM target neighborhoods. We are committed to employing Denver residents with barriers to employment.

Goal 3

To generate a source of revenue for ECM’s non-profit programs.

EYC provides a way for ECM to become more financially sustainable by creating a source of income generation for the organization.

Extreme Yard Care is just another way Extreme Community Makeover is making a huge difference in Denver. We value the ability to leverage EYC to improve Denver neighborhoods, employ Denver residents, and support our nonprofit. Contact Extreme Yard Care for your lawn care needs this year:  720.598.2845 or info@extremeyardcare.org.

We are hiring a Program Manager for EYC. The Program Manager will have the opportunity to use his or her talents and experiences to develop and grow a business that helps Denver communities. This is a flexible, seasonal role. Learn more about the position and click here.



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