Extreme Teams: Survey Team

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March 26, 2020
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Extreme Teams: Survey Team

Extreme Community Makeover offers additional ways to volunteer beyond the typical Saturday Work Day projects of cleaning yards and painting houses. We also have Extreme Teams. The Extreme Teams are a more in-depth volunteer experience. We have ten unique teams: Communications, Follow-up, Fundraising, Logistics, Neighborhood, Photography, Projects, Supplies, Survey, and Video.

The Survey Team facilitates communication between English and Spanish speakers during Work Days, since team members are bilingual. This team is also part of the Survey Day, which begins the process of initiating conversations to identify projects for future Work Days.

There are four team members on the Survey Team: Gina Chavez-Vasquez, Ginger Gruber, Laura Lemos, and Rosio Wallen.

When asked about why she decided to join the Survey Team, Rosio responded, “Knowing there was a need in this area specifically, I was happy to help. I really love what ECM does for our community and am glad to be a part of that. I really enjoy the connection we are able to make with each resident. When volunteering in many organizations you don’t always see the direct impact or get the one on one interaction,” she explains.

Ginger Gruber

Ginger, who is also the Team Leader, is thankful for her time with the team. She says, “Although I have lived in Denver for all of my life, I haven’t walked the streets and knocked on the doors of these neighborhoods. Since I get to do that with the Survey Team, I feel that I have come to know each of the neighborhoods that we work in and to appreciate what makes each of them unique. I feel like I know the neighborhoods and the people that live in them better.” Ginger explains.

The Survey Team members also appreciate how easy it is to volunteer. “The way the organization is structured in teams and the communication between us and our director, makes it easy to volunteer,” says Laura. “I feel we all have a common goal and I am really happy when I see we can accomplish our goals at the end of the volunteer day,” Laura explains.

Laura Lemos

Gina feels that her view of Denver has changed, since joining the team. She admits, “I am able to see that many residents have taken an active role to maintain their community and major improvements have been made.”

Gina further explains, “When I am able to meet with individuals that only speak Spanish and help them realize that there are groups of volunteers willing to come together to help improve their communities, it helps them realize that there are people that genuinely care and want to help.  It is seeing their expressions of relief, happiness and appreciation that helps me see that it’s more than just knocking on doors asking for the opportunity to help.”

Gina Chavez-Vasquez

We are thankful to be able to make a difference in our Denver communities with the Extreme Teams we have put together. The Survey Team, along with the other teams, are a great opportunity to get more involved and make a greater impact in Denver. If you would like to volunteer on the Extreme Teams, click here to learn more.


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