ECM’s Volunteer Reach!

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August 30, 2019
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September 9, 2019

ECM’s Volunteer Reach!

Extreme Community Makeover not only reaches people in the state of Colorado, but also beyond this beautiful state. We’ve had volunteers from 21 other states so far! Volunteers hear about us online by googling volunteer opportunities in Denver. Also, our volunteer opportunities are listed on Spark the Change and Volunteer Match, to name a few. People also hear about us by word-of-mouth. This year, we had close to 15 groups volunteer with us from other states.

One of the groups from out of state was West Des Moines Christian Church in Iowa. “The youth enjoyed meeting homeowners and hearing their stories. Our youth always enjoy mission-service opportunities that let them interact with new people. These interactions are what stick with the youth the longest, as the neighbors’ stories and our stories come together,” says Luke Erhardt the Youth Pastor.

People from other states desire to connect with organizations doing good work in Denver, and they want to contribute to support it in some way. ECM appreciates getting the-word-out about what we do to a wider audience.

“I recommend ECM to other faith-based organizations and youth groups looking to grow closer as a group while serving the community. Through ECM, our youth group had an opportunity to continue to cultivate spirits of generosity and service, and to learn what “meeting needs” most appropriately looks like. ECM is committed to being in the communities they serve. They don’t do work that’s not needed. Instead, they have relationships with the residents in the neighborhoods they work in so they can be sure they’re responding to genuine needs,” states Luke.

Luke explains more and says, “Our youth have always worked well together and enjoyed the feeling that comes with knowing they’ve helped someone in need. They are hard workers, motivated by their faith and love for their neighbors to do difficult, sometimes messy things.  Through our shared experience of working hard together with ECM, we grew closer to one another; it helped make us more connected as a group during the other parts of our mission trip.”

“Thank you to ECM for your service to the Denver community, and for helping form youth who care for the people and places of this world,” admonishes Luke.

If you are a group or individual from out-of-state, you can learn more about volunteering with us by e-mailing our Executive Director, Angela Bomgaars at

To learn more about West Des Moines Christian Church in Iowa, you can visit their website here.


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