Confluence Ministries in West Colfax

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April 8, 2020
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Confluence Ministries in West Colfax

The West Colfax neighborhood gets its name from West Colfax Avenue, which is the busiest street running east and west through the neighborhood. More than 100 years ago, West Colfax developed as the residential and commercial home of Denver’s original Jewish population. Nowadays the streets of West Colfax are filled with shopping centers, healthcare facilities and commercial offices that blend with residences in this multi-ethnic neighborhood. 

One of the organizations that is making a huge difference in the neighborhood is Confluence Ministries. They have been in the neighborhood since 2003. “The neighborhood kinda picked us. Cindy and I had just resigned from being part of a team planting a church in the city of Denver.  We felt God was just telling us to let go and that He had another assignment waiting for us. We didn’t know what that would look like, if it would be in Denver or on the mission field somewhere,” explains Jude Del Hierro, the Executive Director of Confluence Ministries, who runs the organization with his wife Cindy.

The vision of Confluence Ministries is to be a catalyst for collaboration in the community, the city, and the world. They thrive on uniting diverse people and faith communities to make a positive impact in the city of Denver and around the world.

What Does Confluence Ministries Do?

Through the various “streams of influence” or ministry opportunities, they empower people to serve and impact their communities in practical ways. As a result, they develop new skills and are inspired to work together solving core issues in families, neighborhoods and the city through genuine connection, programs, classes, and meetings at the Confluence Center in West Colfax, and collaborative outreaches and events that span across the city, country and world.

Confluence Ministries is, no doubt, unique. Their goal is to be a place to bring different community streams together to allow them to meet and to collaborate. “We are a catalyst for collaboration to better the community.  We strive to create ways to see the community be more connected,” says Jude.

Confluence Ministries helped to birth the West Colfax Neighborhood Association. And, they continue to be a catalyst to plan the betterment and economic development of the West Colfax neighborhood. They also have programs to empower their neighbors like Whiz Kids, Mops, and ESL classes.

“We see there is great need to close the gap between those who have more with those who have less in the neighborhood. We continue to have conversations and meetings asking important questions about the neighborhood and what are the components and factors that bring a safe and thriving community,” explains Jude.

Jude further explains, “We believe in the power of togetherness. We believe everyone has gifts and talents and everyone is looking for a purpose. We try to inspire people find their purpose and to help understand why they are here on this planet. When we confluence together it becomes about us over all.”

If you would like to find out more about Confluence Ministries and their work in the West Colfax Neighborhood, contact Jude Del Hierro at


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