Coast Around Denver with The Local Deck

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November 16, 2018
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November 30, 2018

Coast Around Denver with The Local Deck

You don’t have to live in Denver for too long to realize we have the best local restaurants and entertainment spots. We have so many diverse eateries and fun locations to explore in the Mile High City, and, that’s why Laura Driscoll created The Local Deck. “I saw the rise in people moving in from out of state. What a better time to start something that showcases the best of Denver and a taste of the city. Each gift box includes some of Denver’s best local spots and a fun way to explore the city. This is all in support of the local spots I feel make Denver a fun place to live,” says Laura.












The Local Deck is filled with 30 coasters each with a fun discount offer to local restaurants, lounges and entertainment spots. Each box has more than $350 in value. It is a true taste of the city in each box. You can redeem either in-person or online, depending on the instructions on the coaster. “It’s a really fun date night, birthday gift, client and holiday gift. I’ve had customers break-up the box and give away coasters to friends throughout the year,” explains Laura.

Laura has a heart for the local community. She grew up in Denver and wants to see the communities thrive. So partnering with Extreme Community Makeover was a no brainer for her. “I was a part of the initial group who sat around and brainstormed what ECM would look like and the vision for they city rejuvenation. It’s been really fun to see it grow and Angela has done a tremendous job,” states Laura. Laura gives 10% to ECM for each box sold when a customer types in “ECM” as the discount code.

To order The Local Deck, click here.



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