Being Charitable Toward Others

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November 23, 2020
November 27, 2020

Being Charitable Toward Others

I am a father of five kids and I have been well aware of the fact that they are easily influenced by the things they see and the people they interact with as they are growing up.  Often times, I try to do things with each of my children independently to ensure they all get the individual attention they sometimes lack since they are often competing with each other for the time to do the things they would like to do.  However, several years ago I thought that we could spend some time together to also help others around us, in an attempt to curb selfish attitudes, as well as allow them to notice other people in the community that could use our service. 

Some of the service we have done together as volunteers includes replanting forests, doing cleanup in parks, and doing photography at events. Eventually, I stumbled upon Extreme Community Makeover as I was looking for additional volunteer opportunities in photography.  I reached out to Angela and she welcomed me to the Extreme Teams Photography Team.  I have been involved for 3 years now and can say I’ve enjoyed being part of the team. I am still able to bring my kids along and have them be involved as well. They have been able to participate in the clean-up aspect of the Work Days, as well as assist in photo shoots. 

Being part of the Extreme Teams not only gives me an opportunity to inspire my children to be a little more selfless and charitable toward others, but it also helps ME to keep my own attitudes a little less self-centered as well.

David Alder – Photography Team Leader


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