A Stay-at-Home Guide to Managing Waste

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April 22, 2020
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A Stay-at-Home Guide to Managing Waste

It should come as no surprise that with many Denverites working and schooling from home, purchasing supplies online, and ordering takeout instead of dining out, there is a lot more waste being generated at home. Because of this, we’ve compiled a boredom-busting list of activities and recommendations that can help reduce waste at home while providing some much-needed entertainment too! 

  • Flatten your cardboard. Properly flattening cardboard is not only an essential component to proper recycling habits, it can also be classified as exercise in times like these (alright, alright– we’re totally serious about the cardboard guidelines, but only partially serious about the exercise part).  Exercise or not, please do flatten all cardboard and ensure that pieces are no larger than two feet by two feet before placing them in your purple cart. And remember, there’s no need to flatten other containers. Cartons, cans and bottles are better left intact (watch the Recycle Cycle video for more on this!).
  • Show your appreciation. There are a lot of essential workers keeping the rest of us healthy and safe during these unprecedented times, including the men and women of Solid Waste Management who are collecting trash, recycling, and compost from our homes. If you have kids at home looking for activities or just have some extra time, we encourage you to make “thank you” signs with your repurposed cardboard boxes. We’d love to feature your work on social media, so be sure to tag us!
  • Practice your virtual sorting skills. The Denver Recycles Waste Sorting Game is here to entertain you andhelp you determine where to place your takeout packaging, food scraps, shampoo bottles, and more.  Don’t forget to save the certificate as proof of your accomplishment.
  • Set up collection reminders (and yes, we do have an app for that!). Don’t let waste pile up at home. There has never been a better time to set up collection reminders or to download the Denver Trash and Recycling app to stay on top of trash, recycle, and compost collection schedules for your home. Building and maintaining good habits around setting your carts out now will only make it easier later when our normal routines resume.
  • Take a virtual tour with the Recycle Cycle. Every wonder where “stuff” goes after it’s placed in your purple recycle cart? In just over 10 minutes, the Recycle Cycle video will take you from Denver’s streets, to the recycling processor, and all the way to the factories that make products from our discarded recyclables – all from the comfort of your home!
  • Review the Denver Recycles guidelines. Getting more take-out than usual? That’s okay. In fact, it’s great that you’re supporting local restaurants. And, Denver Recycles is here to help you manage this waste. Check our website for a full listing of our guidelines or search individual items in our online Recycling Directory!
  • Start Grasscycling. While we do gladly accept grass clippings in our green Denver Composts carts, leaving your grass clippings on your lawn is an even better way to take care of your lawn. Check out our new and updated Grasscycle flyer for the information you need to get started – it’s easy and it will get you out of the house too!
  • Get crafty (and resourceful!). Now is the perfect time to learn how to repair clothing, fix household items, turn discarded clothing or sheets into cleaning rags, and otherwise do more with less. Got clever ideas for minimizing waste? We’d love for you to share your ideas with us on social media!

For more information about all programs and services offered by Denver Recycles, please visit us at DenverGov.org/DenverRecycles or call 311 (720-913-1311).


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