100 Year-Old Denver Gem

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100 Year-Old Denver Gem

Extreme Community Makeover is looking forward to our annual fundraiser Art Is in the Air on Thursday, November 8, at 7 p.m. We will be incorporating some new, creative ideas into the event. Another change is that we’ll be hosting the event at The Studios at Overland Crossing.

The Studios at Overland Crossing is a historic warehouse, repurposed into an urban and sustainable studio and event space. The building was renovated by artist and anatomist John Zahourek and re-opened for business in 2012. John also hosts classes for his innovative Anatomy in Clay workshops in the north side of the building.

The event center building is 100 years old and is located in South Denver at 2201 South Delaware Street. It has a rustic, urban vibe. It’s clear, open space will be perfect for this year’s celebration. “There are two big spaces here-the south studio and and the center studio. What’s cool about the space is that the access door can come down so that there can be two separate spaces and the events can flow to different looks during your event,” explains Kim Hersel, the Event Coordinator and Studio Manager.
“The owners kept a lot of the original elements in the building. They wanted to preserve as much as they could of the original building. The brick walls are all original and they didn’t change any of that look, so those are real chips in the walls that you can see. The stars up here are actually architectural features from that time period too,” says Kim as she looks up to and points to the walls. The wood beams and pillars are also all original features.
“A feature that I really love is that the barn doors are all 100 years old as well! It is so great that they are trendy now and people really love that look,” enthusiastically explains Kim. The painting on the brick walls and original accents are unchanged and from the original space as well.
So, what was the original building used for, you may ask? It was a furnace boiler manufacturing company. The location for the manufacturing company was convenient, since it was so close to the the rail road. The building actually has a 100 year old boiler cemented right to the floor that event attendees can view.
Denver Pottery used to be the tenants prior to the space become an event center. You can read more on Overland Park Neighborhood History, here.

“We do concerts here. We have 13 piece string ensemble that plays here too, four times a year. We do weddings and we host a lot of community and nonprofit events too,” says Kim. The owners are very generous and like to give back. They love to see the community thriving and encourage community involvement. The Overland Park Neighborhood Association meets in the building every month.

“Three unique things that makes The Studios at Overland Crossing stand out are, first, the building is so unique and there are so many different features and textures. It has such a good feel about it. Secondly, I’ve personally done events for over twenty-five years and my staff has been with me for over a decade. We have a better idea of the challenges people face and we are very flexible. Thirdly, we keep our decorum inventory on site and clients are welcome to use it,” says Kim. Kim owns Radiant Events, but also manages the event center. So, it’s the best of both worlds for clients.

The Studios at Overland Crossing truly is a unique Denver gem. It has spunk. It has history. It has spontaneity.

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